Passion for fashion turned into a freelance career

You don’t have to be a runway model or popular fashion designer to create income from your fashion sense. There are many ways to foster your love for fashion into a living. There are several online companies that will allow you to monetize your passion.

Here are several suggestions:

Create How to Videos

how to videos online

Metacafe , YouTube pays individuals for creating and uploading creative videos. Those familiar with fashion design can upload videos on how to cut, sew and create patterns. Clothing connoisseur have the option of create videos on pairing items and accessorizing. This will also draw a similar crowd to your passion. YouTube will pay you $5 buck per 1000 views of your videos as a reward.

Creating T-shirts, sweater,shoes and hat design

create tshirts online

Good at Adobe Photoshop? Your artwork or designs could make you great money. Zazzle , Teespring etc will allow you to design t-shirts, mugs, hats and sweaters. The website will allow you to upload your artwork. Cafe press manages creates and ships the items.


Blogging online

Blogging I believe is the easiest way to take your passion online. Squidoo, Hubpages and Synthasites will allow you to create a blog at no charge. You can also monetize your blog with ads from eBay, Google and Amazon. Once you gain the trust of your readers you can suggest products and services and receive a commission.

Create an online clothing Re-sell shop

A resell shop is an excellent way to monetize your passion for fashion. Websites such as EBay , Shopify , Woocommerce by Aliexpress can help you in quickly setting up an online store and traffic. Start by selling slightly used clothing and other merchandise. Craigslist and Other classifieds can be an excellent source to build your inventory.

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